A Stressful Situation

He must find courage to pay attention to the details of his illness. His illness itself must no longer seem to him contemptible, but must become an enemy worthy of his mettle, a part of his personality, kept up by good motives, out of which things of value for his future life have to be … Continue reading A Stressful Situation

Thank you

The one thing nobody tells you about studying abroad is how lonely it is. Sure, there’s the excitement of having nothing to hold you down, and being in a completely different culture. But that can often be a hindrance. As human beings we need connections. Ones which stabilize us and make us feel loved. I … Continue reading Thank you

New York 19/10/12

It’s been a couple of weeks since my trip to New York, but honestly, I’ve been waiting to find the right words to put how overwhelming it all was. Condensing everything into one small blog post isn’t going to be easy so let’s just call this an extended essay. New York isn’t London. In London,